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Candy Cotton

Navigating Regulatory Requirements
Made Easy

Understanding regulatory requirements can be tricky. Experience regulatory success with Smart Regulatory Solutions!


Michelle is here to guide you through the complexities of the regulatory landscape for foods, natural health products, cosmetics, medical devices, household and consumer products.


Get in touch today.

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Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Navigating Regulations

Regulatory consulting services to help you navigate complex regulatory requirements for natural health, food, cosmetic, household products and medical devices

Strategic Advice

Assistance with understanding regulatory obligations for New Zealand and international markets

Labeling and Claims

Guidance on labeling and claims to help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements


Partnership with RTD to provide training in regulatory affairs



Labelling & Claims

Regulatory Strategy

Market Evaluation



Help is on the way!

Michelle Cubitt is a regulatory consultant with extensive experience in the natural health, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. She understands the complexities of regulatory requirements and provide tailored solutions to enable successful product commercialisation.

Whether it is about checking what you can claim, whether an ingredient is ok or evaluating export opportunities with a focus on regulations, Michelle is here to help. 


She is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and ensuring regulations are presented in an easy to understand way. Contact her today to see how she can help you.



Get in touch

For regulatory consulting services, product information requirements, labeling and claims guidance, or any other regulatory needs, please contact Michelle for a free chat about your needs.

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